Drugs are highly used in our community, and mainly by youths. Some take them for leisure. Many youths have been influenced by the drugs a lot. Drugs lead them to do strange things that they can’t do in their normal state, others steal, involve themselves in rape cases.

Drugs and crime go hand in hand, many people who are drug addicts are also in crime cases. Youths are so lazy to work; they need food, shelter, clothes and finance. Instead of working they spend much time in solitude place where they hung out with their friends, and because they have nothing to do and nowhere to go they try out different ways of charming them, and so get into drugs.

Because of the hanging out the whole day, the day is wasted and nothing gained, they think on how they can acquire money, they can’t go to work at night so they are force to struck out a deal on how to get some. Stealing is the only way out, and so they go for it.

At times things turn out successfully and that give them morale to indulge in it deeper. The more they hung out the more the crime gung becomes stronger.

Many of our youths go through that and at times when things don’t really go well they lose their dear lives. Funny thing about the whole situation is that those who survive never give up; they still hung out, use drugs that confuse them even more.

Those who involve themselves in crimes never give up until their last breath. Crime life is hard but drugs help them to view it as simple and fun. But if drugs weren’t there at least they would have realized what they are going through. But with each passing day we just wish for change to come on our way.



I’m a mother of three children I have no job and am expecting another one, am seven month pregnant. What will I do? The others don’t eat well, sometimes they sleep empty stomachs.

I have house which I’M supposed to pay every month. I don’t want to keep this baby I’m caring. I would like to keep her but what will she eat the other ones are giving me stress  because there is no food to eat nor the money to spent, [this are Juliana’s last words]

 It been seven days since she left but it feels like forever to her children and friends, today is the eighth day. My fellow neighbors’ and I have decided to search for her. We went to the police station to report.

 On our way to police station, we found a crowd of people gathered together so we decided to come closer to see what was going on and when we reached, there was a woman lying down with her child. She was already dead with her child. It seems the woman was having an abortion and by bud luck she could not make it.

 The police came and took the remains to the mortuary.

 When we reached to the police station to report, the police who was on duty that told us that there is a woman who was brought there by a Good Samaritan and the woman was bleeding very badly. Without wasting time we took she to the hospital but on our way we lost her. May be you can go to the city -mortuary to confirm weather is the one. The police suggested to us.

When we reached mortuary we couldn’t believe our eyes it was like night-mare, ‘’who will wake me up from the bad night-mare’’ how could such a good woman be dead, we cried hoping that she will hear our cries and wake-up but all in vain, our eyes were as red as danger.


I’ pleading to the government to help the needy people and come up with feeding programs to enable the poor feed their children and also take strict measures to those who do abortio


It was on Monday morning when I woke up very happy, as you know as happy as a king In the palace, I did my chores and then prepared my break-fast ,after taking the my break-fast I went to the bathroom latter I prepared to go to digital shooting project.

As I was standing at a nearby stage I heard ‘’Thirty bob, thirty bob,’’ the tan-boy said ,   that was root 41 latter we entered to the MATATU all the way from DANDORA to HURUMA, when I reached my stage I gave the tan-boy thirty shillings as he said, ‘’Do you think I eat at your place’’ tan-boy said ‘’I want fifty shillings’’ he added ‘’before I entered you said thirty bob and now you`ve change’’ I said ‘’I don’t care what I said all I want is money ‘’ angrily the tan-boy said.

The passengers tried to explain to him but all in vain, the passengers were surprised by the tan-boys behavior, after a long argument with the tan-boy I decided to add him twenty bob so as to be fifty bob because he was wasting my time

On my way to class I wondered,’’ what if I didn`t have extra money?, He could have swallowed me to his stomach’’, but I thank God because I’m a live and breathing, ‘’the tan-boy who are like this are suppose to be taken action’’ I said to myself, after a while all the passengers alighted from the same and took him to a nearby chief-camp.

The matter was taken to court and the tan-boy was fined, all because of a stupid thing, ’’appreciate the amount that you are supposed to be given,’’ that is my advice to the tan-boy.






Recently a playing ground was grabbed in our area by private developers who wanted to establish a resident house, although things were out of my hands nothing I could do.

We organized a peaceful demonstration to demand back our playing ground and ensure we have somewhere to play and socialize for our development.

After the demonstration the matter was taken to court and later abolish that any structure that foreseen the non existence of playing ground.

Around the country the private developers are grabbing land by bribing the city council, chiefs or ministry of land.

In order to avoid this government should form a land commission to investigate such cases and report so as no corruption in our lovely land of Kenya.  [to minimize land cases]

 The city council should check a field study before handing out licenses and permit to private developers, when all these is accounted I believe land grabbing will be history.

Every land will be rightful belong to right people so on and so fourth.


Two months ago, she felt she was in trouble, as the head of the school had found out she was four months pregnant and was advised to stay home till the day she will deliver.

Unfortunately, she did not know the father to the child, as she had several boyfriends, the one he thought could be the father, refused to take responsibilities of a father.

The day of delivery came, and after going through labor pain, she was lucky to have given birth to a baby boy, though the child was smaller and looked weak.

One Sunday morning, her friend, ’Esther,’ paid her a visit at the Health Centre where she had gone for treatment, it was a great moment for the 2 friends to be in company of each other once again. As they were busy hugging each other, Esther opened up to her friend and said, ’’You are my friend who I trust fully, though it’s bad news,’’ she continued, ‘’I am H.I.V positive,’’ she begun to cry uncontrollably, but her friend had to remain strong to comfort her.

Her friend said to her, ‘’Being HIV positive is not the end of the world if you take the ARVs drugs you will live a healthy life, and continued comforting her till evening.’’                                                                                                                                                            

After two weeks she and her baby were strong enough to go home, the nurse who discharged her explained that, not everyone who was HIV needed ARVs drugs, she told her to keep going for medical checkups to know when she should start taking ARVs, she then told her not to breast-feed her baby   in order to protect him from getting infected, she asked her to buy tinned milk for the baby.

After sometimes she regained some weight and her beauty, no one could tell that she was HIV positive.

Go for the test today, and know your status!


Some times  back in my village, people used to be physically strong and healthy, as months passed, I started noticing some differences, as people’s health had started deteriorating, but never had a reason for that.

 With time, I started noticing a foul smell that would penetrate inside the house, it was garbage that was lying around uncollected and had already accumulated to a heap, and damaged the drainage system completely.

Photo by Ester Wambui

 People were suffering from malaria as a result of stagnant water that was lying around, cholera and typhoid diseases too. The better off people financially, would make it to hospital to receive medication, what about the poor?

 I looked for all ways and means to find a solution to the problem that was facing the village. I put on a brave face and cleared the heap of rubbish that was lying around, and burnt everything to ashes, the village was able to glow once again and shone brighter.

 Diseases as a result of dirt became a thing of the past and the villagers joined hands, they formed a group that would do clean up within the village and provide the villagers with paper bags for throwing in, the rubbish.

photo by Esther Wambui

 We are requesting the government to be providing us with more paper bags, since as times we are faced with shortage of materials.


In our village people were very strong and healthy but due to this infections they died each and every day, garbage were being through to a nearby drainage-system and it was very smelly even we could not eat inside the house.

Some month ago my fellow neighbor and the villagers were used to through due to the infections that were brought up by the stagnant water in the drainage-system.

One Saturday morning when I walked up with a smile on my face and having all the strength in me, I did exercise by lifting up the stones that were joined together by a stick, I used to stand at the centre then I lifted the stones that were joined by the stick I became more  and more strong.

I collected all the garbage’s that were there I took them to a cart were I took all the garbage’s to a nearby dumpsite to burn them, I cleaned the drainage-system by pouring water inside it and the drainage-system became very clean and clearer even the villagers became beautiful, as beautiful as queen in the palace.

The infections decreased due to general cleaning and for us to avoid sickness that are brought up by dirtiness we have to supply papers to all plots so that they can through garbage’s inside into the papers and then we as a group we ought to collect all the garbage’s and burn them,

And we as group we are requesting the government of Kenya to help us with those papers

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